How Tight Should a Watch Be On Your Wrist

How Tight Should a Watch Be On Your Wrist?

A very tight watch is painful in many ways.

In addition to the apparent physical torment and lack of circulation that it may cause, also, it will not look good on the wrist.

Whether made from bracelets or straps, a variety of watches can fit well according to how you want.

Although it’s a good idea to buy a watch that meets your qualifications, if you buy one directly from a store, you will be required to try it to ensure it fits on the wrist.

The simplest way to find out if the new watch fits well is to take an easy test. The test is the sure-fire way of calibrating whether your watch strap is very loose, correct, or very tight. First, set the watch.

Many people wear them in their non-dominant hands, i.e., the hands they do not use for brushing their teeth and writing. The wristwatch on your wrist, use the index finger of your other hand and slide it between the wrist and the watch.

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The watch is supposed to be loose enough for you to slide the index finger under the strap but not too loose for you to move your index finger.

If you can’t slide the finger under the band, the watch is very tight. If the index finger can move between the wrist and the band, it is very loose.

Traditionally, a fully fitted watch does not slip on the wrist. Without sliding the forearm, the right one should stay in place with a watch face on the wrist-top.

If you have a loose watch, which slides down and up on the wrist, consider the new bracelet with the correct size.

Now that we understand how tight the watch should be, take a look at some of the do’s and don’ts if you need to adjust the size of your watch.

Order a short, long, or standard length strap

Nearly all manufacturers provide the option of ordering a strap, which fits the wrist. Whether you want a long or short strap, you can order it from the authorized dealer. Watches usually have the standard length strap, though it is always best to try them before you buy to find a good fit.

Can I remove the links from the bracelet-style watch?

These days, many brands have a simple link system that requires few tools to get links. Removing the links can be the most straightforward task once you find them, but if you are not comfortable removing them, you can take your watch to the authorized watchmaker or dealer, such as CJ Charles.

Visit a watchmaker

Not every project needs to be DIY. Since there are certain situations where you can customize the watch strap easily or even change it entirely, the model and make of a watch, have many to do with strap customization. Particularly with high-end watches, the final thing you need to do is damage the strap while fixing it. Adjusting, repairing, or swapping a watch strap is an easy task for the watchmaker, particularly for those who belong to the categories of famous watch brands.

You don’t have to take over a business that you do not have the skills or tools if your watchmaker or jeweler can easily and quickly fix the watch strap to the preferred specifications. Any tampering with the watch strap is much more likely to create a more severe problem, which will require manual work by the jeweler. It is best not to make the bad situation be worst and go straight to the watch repair or professional touch.

Here are Some Tips on How to Perfectly Match Your Next Watch

  1. Schedule the fitting with a watchmaker or jeweler

The watches that fit your size are the best. Many jewelers, such as CJ Charles, are certified distributors of different watch brands, which is fine. Checking the watch before you buy it will assist you in alleviating the strap frustrations that do not fit properly.

  1. Replacement straps must match a watch brand

Typically, there is no place in having the best Rolex with a cheap replacement strap. If you’re interested in the strap replacement, make sure it’s made explicitly for your watch with the same company, which made the original watch.


In addition to being very loose that it falls off the wrist or very tight that the watch cuts off blood circulation to the wrist, wearing a watch is a matter of personal preference. Since the standard-fit leaves enough room for the index finger to slip between the wrist and band, it is undoubtedly not a fast and hard rule.

The index finger below the wrist is just the general measurement, which seems comfortable to many people. Generally, if you like a watch that is a bit comfortable, go for it.

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