Benefits of Fitness Trackers

10 Benefits of Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers also called activity tracker are one of the essential and useful tools you can use to monitor how well you’re doing.  They can help keep track of your caloric intake, traveled distance, heart rate and sleep.

In fact, this equipment can provide GPS tracking and map your pace, though this is dependent on the particular tracker. Many people do not believe this tool is worth their investment, and so they brush it aside.

However, people who have a passion for exercising have come to realize how vital fitness trackers are.

Here are the top benefits of using fitness tracker.

1. Boost Personal Accountability

Inactivity comes with several negative personal and health issues. Some of these issues include chronic illnesses, unnecessary weight gain, and decline in productivity level. On the other hand, engaging in constant activity will not only help prevent all these negative issues, but it will also help reverse them as well.

The simple acts of walking and running have their own positive contributions to the overall health of a person. But as much as it is good always to be up and doing, it is also crucial that such activities are tailored towards achieving a goal.


Fitness trackers make you accountable to yourself. Except you choose to use your tracker with a corresponding app that supports social media usage, you’ll only be competing against yourself.

As such, fitness trackers monitor your goals as well as your progress and encourage you psychologically to get better and better each day. It has been discovered that wearing a fitness tracker help to boost a person’s activity level by 30 per cent, even if it’s only a basic pedometer.

2. Helps to Achieve Individual goals

Another fantastic benefit of fitness trackers is that they help you achieve your activity goals. Whether you’re looking to extend your endurance level and run to a farther distance, or you’re just starting out and would like to create a running habit, this tool will help. As a matter of fact, most fitness trackers come with workout tips as well as achievable goals that you can work towards. It is only normal that before trying to run half marathon, you already can go as far as 5 kilometers and 10 kilometers.

If you’ve been on the couch for a while and want to run a 5k, you’ll find programs for that on your fitness tracker.

3. Keeps You at Rest

Visiting the gym to workout comes with some levels of anxiety. For several people, going to the gym is quite nerve-wracking, even if it’s just once in a while. They find themselves struggling with questions like “are people watching me? Am I doing it right? Will they laugh at me?” And the likes. However, with a fitness tracker, all these worries can be prevented. You can always rely on it to give you feedback on how effective your workout is, irrespective of where you’re carrying out the activities–gym, park or at home.

So, instead of always worrying when you exercise, why not get a fitness tracker and keep your mind at rest.

4. Financial Motivation

The retail price of most fitness tracker models is nothing less than $100. Quite frankly, this may be somewhat high for a small tool that goes around one’s wrist and provides information that one can do without. However, even the high price of fitness trackers are meant to serve a purpose– give the user psychological encouragement. Knowing how much it cost, one would want to take advantage of all that the device has to offer.

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5. Up-to-date Weight Loss Tool

While you’re working really hard to either maintain or beat your own records, it is possible that you don’t observe the gains or losses that you’re making when it comes to your weight goal. Nevertheless, as you begin to see your activity levels, notice the condition of your heart rate and compare your current weight with the previous one, you’ll be able to tell how far you’ve really gone in achieving your desired weight goal.

6. Encourages Group Creation

While it is true that physical activity relies much on personal motivation, many individuals also gain motivation from posting their activities on social media and receiving feedback. Thankfully, developers have caught wind of this fact, and so many fitness trackers apps have been designed to link up with other fitness trackers in the same vicinity. As a result, workout groups are created, and healthy competitions are encouraged.

7. Incentives Promote Activity at Work

Fitness has gone past being a mere habit or hobby. Nowadays, organizations are using incentives to encourage their workers to adopt a healthy lifestyle. As a matter of fact, Oscar insurance company created a program where employees are paid $1 each day if they’re able to pass a test in steps. Even Richardson software guaranteed their employees that the cost of their fitness tracker will be reimbursed if they’re able to walk a million steps. The word of fitness is obviously moving to another level, so don’t be left behind.

8. Varieties of Fitness Trackers

Because many different fitness trackers exist, users can choose based on the features they believe will be most effective for them. For instance, you may find GPS to be an optional feature in a tracker if you already know how far your trail is. As such, you’ll go for a tracker that has features that you believe will meet your needs better and enhance your activity.

9. Fitness Tracker is all in one

Once you finally make your pick, you’re ready to go. You won’t have to bother yourself about opening an app or trying to figure out whether or not there’s enough battery to open many apps on the tracker. Usually, your tracker will automatically sync all tracking activities to your smartphone through Bluetooth. Even if your tracker doesn’t do this, you’ll have the option of plugging it manually into a computer using a USB. Plus you can always charge your device at night.

10. Fitness Trackers Track Sleep too!

Many years ago, tracking one’s sleep meant subjecting one’s self to sleeping in a lab with wires attached to one’s body. Now, things have changed. With small devices like fitness trackers, you can easily monitor the quality of your sleep. The tracker does this through your movement while you’re sleeping. The quality of a person’s sleep has its own effects on the overall health and well-being of that person.

It is essential to make sure that you get not less than 3 full cycles of sleep every night. This will ensure that you maintain the energy you need for the day and help your brain function correctly.

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